Mount Pleasant

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Mount Pleasant
”Mount Pleasant” is a short story written by Mary-Louise Buxton. It is written as a first person narrator, as a child called Elizabeth. It is written quite unstructured, mostly describing the life of Elizabeth and her family in their home in Mount Pleasant, not showing the stories twist until the end. The narrator uses a very childish language using expressions like “Mammy”, “babby brother” and “Eeny meeny miny mo”. As a short story, the plot and character descriptions are quite simple, but this story is written in a way where you can interpret a lot, without reading it. It is not told where the family comes from, or who the owners of the old house were, but it leaves hints, by the details of the story. It doesn’t say
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It personally reminds me of my grandmother’s old house, which was about 150 years old, very big, and seemed to have a lot of stories hiding around every corner, and at the same time every child’s fantasy where you can run around all over the house, and imagine all sorts of crazy scenarios of the old owners, and the ghosts that might be hiding. The name of the house “Mount Pleasant” makes the house seem quite harmless and joyful, but really it seems to have a lot of secrets. It might have got the name when it was founded, and was in fact harmless and joyful, but since then, it had owners to give it a story and secrets, and perhaps even ghosts.
Elizabeth, the main character, seems like a typical little girl, 9-10 years old, likes to play and cares a lot about her family. She is carefree, positive and curious, but also has childish fears like the dark. She and her sister is well-liked by the town community, and she seems to like people easily as well. Her mother is very bossy, criticizing Elizabeth and the rest of the family very easily, but Elizabeth doesn’t seem to care much, having a quite simple view on life, but with a imaginative mind. Her father is quite the opposite of her mother, allowing her to play longer, and not punishing her like the mother. Elizabeth also mentions her sister Lena, her brothers Alec and George William, her cousins and grandmother.
While discovering the new house Elizabeth finds a photograph of a little boy,

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