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“Mount Pleasant” By Mary Louise Buxton, 2005 Childhood is the time when you experience a lot of new things – you play, go out and see things, experience something new and just having a good time - do whatever you want, even though your parents doesn’t always approve to go out and play and get dirty with your friends. When you are a child, you have a great imagination and a big fantasy. Some children tend to live in a fantasy world, where everything is about having fun, get dirty and just having a good time. We read about all of this, in the short story “Mount Pleasant”, that is written in the year of 2005 by Mary-Louise Buxton. The story is told by a little girl called Elizabeth, who lives with her family in their new house, called…show more content…
But we don’t know if someone is walking around in their house, or it is just her fantasy or her imagination? It’s hard to tell. In the end of the story we hear about Elizabeth and her sister lying in their bed: “I hear somebody fall and the noise of the beams holding the house up jolting hard, creaking in the wind” and after this “Nobody there. I make to move, to shout to my dad, but I’m pinned to the bed. All I can move is my eyeballs”, all this could be her imagination or it could be someone haunting their house, Mount Pleasant? Nobody knows. All in all, it’s hard to say if children are telling the truth when they say that they see things like that, because they have such a big fantasy. Adults’ imaginations are not close, to what children can imagine. But if some kids are saying that they experience something like Elizabeth, most adults would not believe it and I understand that, often it is just their imagination. But all in all, the story “Mount Pleasant” is a really confusing and hard story to understand because Elizabeth jumps around, when she is telling something and she is using words that doesn’t exist. So it is a quite funny, but definitely confusing short story. -------------------------------------------- [ 1 ]. Mount Pleasant by Mary-Louise Buxton – S. 3, linje 59. [ 2 ]. Mount Pleasant by Mary-Louise Buxton – S. 5,

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