Mount Rainer

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Have you ever wanted to experience in an environment made for camping trips or long nights around the bonfire? The lush environment surrounding the windward side of the Cascade mountains is one of the most naturalistic experiences anyone could come across. More specifically, Mount Rainer, a well-known mountain peak along the Puget Sound in Washington State. When it comes to wanting a true nature experience, it’s impossible to not recommend the national park of Mount Rainer due to its variety of sights built by nature, temperate climate, and the nostalgic scent of evergreens and firewood. From the base to the top, vegetation and naturalistic structures vary at different elevations within Mount Rainer. Towards the base, a mixture of Lupine, American bistort, and broadleaf arnica light up the patches of treeless fields with their bright hues. The sweet aroma of fresh flowers stays present throughout the blooming season, keeping an individual relaxed as they explore the park. The scent of flowers is replaced by fresh, clean water as more waterfalls and small streams become more present at higher elevations. Feeling the water gives visitors chills from its cold temperature, but also a sense of purity due to its source region being the glacial cap. The difference in natural sights feels unlike any…show more content…
Compared to many national parks in the region, Mount Rainer carries the strongest scent of Evergreens, a conifer tree made up of dark green silver firs resistant to the cold. Tourists may recognize the tree as they are a traditional staple during Christmas, giving a sense of seasonal joy during the winter. When the branches are burned during campfires, the firs give off a sweet pine scent that blends with the cool air during dusk. Consequently, the firs produce a lot of thick and blinding smoke, causing me to change my seating position around the fire
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