Mount Union Application Essay

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Every Saturday morning while the majority of the student body is still fast asleep, I am pouring coffee and preparing for work. I am a Student Ambassador, a job which entails guiding prospective students around campus, encouraging them to become a part of the Mount Union family. Not long ago I was in their footsteps; a prospective student searching for the school that would become my home away from home. My dad, an alumni of Mount Union, enthusiastically retold the memories of his experiences at the university. Memories, which he claimed, “shaped him into the man he is today.” Little did I know that I too would follow in my father's footsteps and grow to find a forever home within the Mount Union community.
What makes this purple and white community so strong is a common goal to uphold the mission of the university. A mission that promotes positive growth in students so that they may learn to become responsible adults who fill their lives with meaning, as they learn to grow in acceptance of others. My time spent at Mount Union thus far has been filled with opportunities which have broadened my perspective of the world around me. I have learned to become flexible by becoming open to new
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On each campus tour I give, I take a moment to point out to prospective students the legacy bricks around campus. These bricks are engraved with messages left by alumni of the university. Years from now, after I have graduated and have a family of my own, I plan to come back to the University of Mount Union and show my children my legacy brick which will read, “four years that last a lifetime.” I will forever be grateful for these four years which have molded me into a young woman who has learned to follow her dreams. Receiving the Mount Union Women’s Scholarship will enable me to continue this growth as I embrace the mission of Mount Union and share it with others beyond my time
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