Mount Wachusett Research Paper

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To me, Mount Wachusett Community College represents the ability for me to take on more challenging educational goals. College education is a privilege for me to have an opportunity to take advantage of means the future to me. Some may see it as the credits earned towards their 4-year college, but for me it means so much more than credits. It has provided me for an immense resource for learning and experimenting with topics I have an interest on. The professors are there to inspire me, helping me find my passion and myself. People will go out of their way to show you something and not in just a textbook, but in a real way. College has been introductions into how I can shape my future not just feel that my future solely belongs to my destiny. It is the first time in my life where I can have it my way and know that the work I have put in will be rewarding in fulfilling my future to come.…show more content…
It is the beginning of my life and the results of all the hard work I have put in between my family, work, and school. Mount Wachusett Community College has been the success in my life from the day I began attending until the day I graduate. I have had my hurdles like anyone in this world, yet I push myself to be the best that I know I can be and it is thanks to the Mount. I wake up each day with a better reason to now than I did before. I wake up to the taste on my fingertips to my life’s career. I am more determined now than ever. They say that the sky is the limit. However, thanks to the Mount I realize that the sky is not the limit, it is just the beginning .That life beyond that sky is what I am truly reaching for and searching for within my dreams in
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