Mountain Bank

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Mountain Bank Case
Daniel De Los Santos Jr.
Strayer University

Hrm530- Human Resource Management
February 23, 2010

Mountain Bank

A Case Study

I. I would recommend that Mountain Bank implement the following competitive strategy for the reasons given:

a. Mountain Bank should follow the Differentiation strategy.

i. Mountain Bank should follow this strategy because they can provide a different value in order to offer their current clients other products and services. This strategy focuses on offering value by providing something better than competitors. For example excellent customer service.

ii. Another reason that Mountain Bank should follow this strategy is their client and
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The hiring process is based on making sure that the potential employee fits the organizations culture and the potential to be loyal employees. Mountain Bank can focus on the current tellers that have been with the company for a long time and make them aware that they are valuable. I think a mistake that the bank is doing is taking the excellent tellers and put them in the customer service department. Tellers are critical to the success of Mountain Bank so why are they taking their good tellers and moving them. It makes no sense, they need to keep those tellers in the front line and improve their working environment so they can provide excellent service.

b. The Bargain Laborer HR strategy is an external approach that deals with short term employees and reducing cost. The bank can use this strategy to use part-time employees in focusing on the two areas that need improvement, real estate and corporate. These are employees who do not demand high wages. For example, high school graduates or college students that wages is not their main goal but learning and enhancing their skills.

c. The Committed Expert HR strategy is an internal approach that deals with long term employees and producing distinctive goods and services. This strategy is good because it can give the employee the freedom to express and improve technique of completing that can be beneficial to the company. Mountain Bank has the
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