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Mountain Dew: Selecting New Creative Back Ground * Mountain Dew was invented by the Hartman Beverage Company in Knoxville, Tennessee in the late 1940s. The bright yellow-green drink in the green bottle packed a powerful citrus flavor, more sugars and more caffeine that other soft drinks and less carbonation so that it could be drunk quickly. * Pepsi co. amazed by Dew’s success in what brand manager would come to call the “NASCAR belt” * Mountain Dew is looking a new concept and Strategy on Brand and to determine what is the most appropriate decision; to sustain or to improve brand position in the market. And suggestion of conceptual process by which creative can be selected for Mountain Dew as part of a brand’s strategy…show more content…
Key competitor was raising their ad budget as competition heads up to send Mountain Dew sales below the target 5. The introduction of new functional drink and high energy drink like Red bull 6. Coca cola has become the number 1 America drink of choice. 7. Mountain Dew rose from its regional status to become a major “flavor” brand. Three major flavor brands dominated different geographic areas: a. Dr. Pepper dominated Texas and the rest of the deep South b. Mountain Dew dominated rural areas, particularly in the Midwest and Southeast c. Sprite dominated urban-ethnic area Options & Opportunities 1. To find the a way to symbolized that drinking Mountain Dew was an exhilarating experience without overexposing extreme sport a. Labor of Love A humorous spot about the birth of Dew drinker b. Cheetah One of the Dew Dudes, chase down the cheetah on a mountain bike. The cheetah running o the African plain, has stolen his Demand he wants it back c. Dew or Die The Dew Dudes are called in to foil the plot of an evil villain who is threatening to blow up the planet d. Mock Opera A parody of the Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody sung by the Dew Dudes who mock the cover of the original Queen album. e. Showstopper A take-off on an extravagantly choreographed production number that mimics a Buzby Berkeley musical/dance film forms the 1990s. 2. To pick up three out of five commercials to

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