Mountain Dew: Market Analysis

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Mountain Dew Mountain Dew is a sugary green drink that has quenched the thirst of millions of Americans for decades, practically ensuring its place as 20th century Americana. The brand originated as an early 'energizing' drink that would keep mountain trekkers powered through their hikes and outdoor activities. Since these humble times, Mountain Dew has maintained an image of a very rural American drink, satisfying customers through vending machines and convenience. In the 21st century, however, the country is changing. The US is becoming less rural and more urban, and therefore old brands like Mountain Dew have to make strategic shifts in order to maintain their competitive edge and focus. (Stanford, 2012) That is why Mountain Dew has decided to make the advertising shift of focus for the brand away from its humble mountain roots, and towards a younger, urban population that finds the drink to fit their lifestyle in a different way than the traditional Mountain Dew drinker. The new pivot of Mountain Dew's advertising campaign from rural America to urban America is the right move for the brand. The rural areas of America still consume soft drinks in high proportions, and Mountain Dew will always be important to these communities. The main change for Mountain Dew is that their brand has become very popular with Hispanic and Black rural populations, which do not associate with the traditional message of Mountain Dew. In order to appeal to this new group, Mountain Dew has

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