Mountain Dew Essay

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Mountain Dew

It's cool and refreshing. It's satisfying and invigorating. It's Mountain Dew. But it's not just regular pop. It's a lifesaver that keeps many college students alert during strenuous moments in their college life.

Mountain Dew is a favorite of many students on the GC campus because it is relatively cheap to purchase and not difficult to come across. This power drink can be found in the cafeteria, at the Leaf Raker, and in many of the vending machines on campus. Students can get free refills at the cafeteria and may purchase this drink for 99 cents at the Leaf Raker and $1 from vending machines. It comes in cans and in plastic bottles of various sizes. One can buy it in bulk from places like Wal-Mart and other
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"I like the caffeine in it," said sophomore Rose Mtoka. "It keeps me alive and awake. When I'm tired and my appetite is down, it's a good thing and refreshing."

Others like Eddy Kawira, a frosh, find Mountain Dew to be a good alternative to hot caffeinated beverages like coffee. They like a variation in the taste of their caffeinated drinks.

Bougner preferred Mountain Dew for another reason. He felt it is a lighter drink, unlike Coke and other pops that are more concentrated. "It's like comparing dark beer to light beer," he said. "Mountain Dew is the light beer."

Some debate how effective this drink really is. While some students depend on it to keep them awake, others find it ineffective. Junior John Kaitei said he has experienced moments when the power drink did not perform its task. He would drink several bottles, yet still be overcome by drowsiness. "Sometimes you just have to take a nap," he said.

Students have discovered that Mountain Dew eventually loses its effect. Kawira feels this beverage cannot always be dependable. "If you're drinking it a lot, then it's less effective because you build up a tolerance," he said.

Noah Foster, a senior who once was addicted to Mountain Dew, said he is no longer affected by the drink because he has become immune to it. When he first started drinking Dew, it only took one 20-ounce bottle to keep him up.

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