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Bryan Schaeffer
Mountain Dew
The Mountain Dew case centers on the decision that the BBDO team and Pepsi executives made in regards to the Super Bowl advertisements to be aired in 2000. The creative team came up with 10 possible scenarios. Since their meeting took place in October (4 months prior to the Super Bowl) they had little time to produce the ads. The 10 concepts were quickly whittled down to 5 and the executives wanted to whittle them down to 3 in which to produce. From those 3, the best 2 would be selected to air at the Super Bowl, but all 3 would be run throughout the year. The 5 advertisements that they whittled down to were Labor of Love, Cheetah, Dew or Die, Mock Opera and Showstopper.
My recommended course of action
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The African savannah provides a good backdrop that is unfamiliar yet exhilarating and exciting to most Super Bowl viewers. The graphics are intense as the biker reaches into the stomach of the cheetah and pulls out the stolen can of Mountain Dew. The joke is on the biker though as the cheetah has punctured the can and already drank the contents. The ad goes to great lengths to show how Mountain Dew can make the consumer get ‘amped’ up.
The downside to this ad is that the main character is a BMX bike rider. As mentioned in the case, the extreme sports take has been a bit overexposed. Highlighting yet another extreme sport type ad may leave a sour taste with some Super Bowl advertisement viewers.
However, considering this downside, I still think that the advertisement will be very effective in conveying the message that Pepsi wants the consumers to pick up. That message is that Mountain Dew drinkers are exhilarating and exciting people. Part of what makes the mountain dew drinker like that is the drink itself.
Dew or Die
3 of the personality traits that Mountain Dew wanted to convey with their Y2000 ad campaign were irreverence, daring and fun. This particular ad definitely takes all of those into account. Once again, the viewer is brought into the world of the Dew Dudes. The ad starts off by presenting a situation where an evil villain is threatening to blow up the planet. The Dew Dudes are faced with

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