Mountain High Bike Is A Company

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Mountain High Bike is a company that sells directly to bike shops. Their mission is building high-quality, reliable bikes at comparative prices. They want to continuously improve the functionality, reliability, and quality of bikes. . While considering a balanced scorecard, there are several steps involved in implementing. Mountain High Bike also should consider four perspectives of the balanced scorecard and the strategic and discuss the pros and cons of the balanced scorecard There several steps when implementing a balanced scorecard that Mountain High Bikes. The first step is clarify, vision, core competencies and strategies. This is concerned with the development of the Mountain High Bikes’ vision a similar statement at the…show more content…
The fourth step is collecting and analyzing scorecard data and it is concerned with the data that was collected and analyzed to be used in different time frames. The sixth step is investigating variances and reward employees, which is used to determine whether the performance is better or worse than desired. It can also be used for employees that allow for such results as compensations and rewards. The final step is provide feedback and refine balanced scorecard and it is concerned with providing feedback based upon the results and are refine to make Mountain High Bikes. The balanced scorecard has four perspective and strategic objectives that can be important to Mountain High Bikes. The first perspective is the financial, which determines Mountain High Bikes’ goal of providing returns on their customers’ investment. The strategic objectives of Mountain High Bikes are the financial status and cost of the products. The second perspective, which is the customer and it is concerned with identifying what the customers’ wants and develop ways to keep them. Mountain High Bikes strategic objective is focused on their customer satisfaction and their loyalty. The third perspective is internal business and it is concerned with improving the process of customer’s satisfaction and improving the efficiency of the operations of Mountain High Bikes. The strategic objective of MHB is the product cycle and the maximum use of the facility. The final perspective is
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