Mountain Man Beer Company Case Reco

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Recommendation for Mountain Man Beer Company (MMB)

Although the launch of a new product is always going to be a risk, banking on the withering demand for a single offering is surely not going to alter the fortunes of the Mountain Man Beer Company. More importantly, light beer is the largest sales opportunity and it is what the market demands, therefore, to introduce the Mountain Man Light can be a gateway necessary for MMB to attract new customers and expand its market. Here are a series of recommendations offering to the company in order to help it successfully launch the Light beer.

First and foremost, it is strongly needed to do additional market research before MMB starts with new product marketing plan. Several issues should be
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At the same time, as the Light brand gains market share locally it would grow in popularity through untraditional advertising: grass roots marketing. And MMB has know for some time, word of mouth (WOM) advertising is more effective than the traditional, lifestyle advertising other national beer brands have used to reach young drinkers. MMB also would have strong brand strategy and visual identification to brand the Light beer, which had achieved with the Lager product line.

Another way to promote the Light beer is sponsorship. MMB would target younger drinking aged adults at sports venues, especially extreme sports events like rock band concerts, and events popular with this segment. Sponsoring events where young drinkers are found would increase the likelihood of grass roots marketing through WOM advertising after the event. Additionally, the marketing campaign would need maintain the “tough” standard its Lager beer created while reaching a younger audience: “Mountain Man Light: 19th century tough. 21st century taste.” Once an established market has been tapped in West Virginia Light would need to make its way to other locales where Lager is already popular: Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, etc. The key to this approach is creating a light beer that tastes good, is inexpensive enough for younger drinkers to afford, while branding itself as a