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Jeff Dickinson BUS 656 Case Write up #2 Mountain Man Brewing Company Problem Statement Mountain Man Lagers main customer is an older generation, blue-collar worker, which make up a larger percentage of the sales. In 2005 sales have dropped 2% relative to the prior fiscal year. The cause is from a stiffening competition, a market that is maturing and new products. All of these factors are stealing the customers from the Mountain Man Brewing Company (MMBC). The light beer market is starting to attract younger consumers and along with the female beer drinker. Chris Prangel, with some skepticism, thinks the light beer market is the answer to not losing anymore of the market share that MMBC has now, but he is worried because of his…show more content…
The initial introduction of the light beer should be in restaurants and local bars limiting only to the West Virginia area. This will allow the product to catch on while a complete advertising campaign can be assembled and not cost Mountain Man lager any shelf space in the liquor stores. This would prove to the retailers that there is a market for the light beer produced by MMBC. This would contain new and fresh advertising focused on the younger generation and female population. Expectations of Academic Integrity Unfortunately, over the last few years, I have occasionally discovered incidents where students violated standards of academic integrity – my standards, the College’s standards, and those of Colorado State University. When we engage in or accept such behavior, it demeans all of us and calls into question the integrity of your education. Therefore, all students in this class are being advised of precise standards as they relate to this class – and everyone is asked to verify their understanding of these standards. Statement of Academic Integrity (this document will be posted separately – and all students must agree to abide by it and sign it) I agree to abide by Colorado State University’s student policy regarding academic integrity. I especially affirm that in BUS 656, all cases and assignments I have submitted or will submit are my own work. I also

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