Mountain Man Brewing Co.

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Case 2: Mountain Man Brewing Company Prepared for: Marketing 181 Date: February 9, 2011

Question 1: There are many factors that have enabled MMBC to create a strong brand. These include: taste, perceived quality, image, tradition, and authenticity. Taste is achieved through a selection of rare Bavarian hops and unusual strains of barley creating a defined Mountain Man quality. In addition, Mountain Man Lagers’ distinctively bitter flavor and higher alcohol content sets this beer apart from its competitors, which uniquely contributes to the company’s brand equity. To complement the richer stronger taste, a dark colored bottle
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Our first reason for not introducing the light beer is because it goes against the company culture. Many members of upper management do not support Chris’s decision to launch a light beer, creating disjointed opinions and feelings that will reduce output or the willingness to create a shared goal. For instance, John Fader, the Vice President of sales feels that the light beer will take away time, resources, and attention from their Lager. In order to produce a new product, the whole company must think in a like-minded manner. Chris’s decision is based on optimistic assumptions instead of facts. If he implements his decision MMBC may alienate its most loyal customers, which would destroy its 53% brand loyalty. Brand equity is increasingly important so destroying it would make MMBC less competitive. Also, MMBC’s authenticity comes from its Lager product. Therefore by altering the product to appeal to a more general audience it would diminish the created authenticity. It is apparent from Exhibit 6B, consumers prefer mainstream light beer brands such as Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light. Thus, MMBC (as a non mainstream brand) would have difficulty penetrating this market. In addition, we feel
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