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Mountain Man Brewing Company | To: | Chris Prangel | From: | 001706975 | CC: | David Nasser | Date: | 3/4/2013 | Re: | Bringing the Brand to Light | Comments: | For the first time in the company’s history, Mountain Man Brewing Company is experiencing declining sales in response to changes in beer drinkers’ preferences. Mr. Prangel’s response to this problem is introducing a “light beer” form of the popular Lager. In the past six years, the “light beer” industry as increased at an annual rate of 4% while sales of traditional beer has been declining annually by 4%. Although this seems like a probable solution, there are two major problems Mr. Prangel is facing: 1.) Mountain Man’s current target market will not approve of this new…show more content…
BREAK EVEN AND BREAK EVEN IN MARKET SHARE IN 2 YEARSBy keeping the same price for light as the lager, breakeven in dollar amount is almost $10,000,000 which then translates into 100,473 barrels. Within two years, Mountain Man Light will have to produce almost $10,000,000 in sales and sale 20% of what Mountain Man Lager has worked almost a century to sale. As for the market share, Mountain Man Light will need to gain a 26% of the market share in 2 years to break even. This seems very unrealistic since the leading brand light beer now consumers 32.9% and the second leading brand holds 17.8% of the market. Mountain Man Light will have to become the second leading brand in the market within only 2 years (assuming that the sales of “light beer” continue to grow annually by 4%). CANNIBALIZATION RATEBecause Mountain Man Lager produces so many units and produces such high sales already, the difference in cannibalization of 5% to 20% is pretty significant (almost 1,000,000). Two year contribution with a 5% cannibalization rate is $32,895,226.42 compared to $31,988,859.59 with a 20% cannibalization rate. This is a major loss in sales of the Mountain Man Lager. If cannibalization is inevitable, the lower percentage of cannibalization is the best option, it yields a higher contribution. Anything above 20% is unnecessary and definitely not worth introducing the Mountain Man

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