Mountain States Healthcare ( Msh )

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Mountain States Healthcare (MSH) is a regional system of hospitals located in several large metropolitan areas of Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming. MHS started as a single hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, and, due to the business acumen and experience of its officers and Board of Directors, was quite successful and profitable ( MG371, Article). During the years MHS started to collect different hospitals and clinics that were not profiting and turning them around by treating them as their own entities but applying their successful management strategies. As the MHS grew they created the Utah Health Group and then the MSH. The company began to see that their costs was higher than the other medical groups and decided to start lowering the operating cost of the hospitals by consolidating different areas of the company. The first area of interest was billing due to other companies having already done the same consolidation and had a positive result in being able to reduce costs within their companies. There would need to be a new director to oversee the new consolidated department and the two lead candidates was Kyle from the Utah office and Colleen from the Denver office. Both managers had gotten their MBAs and had started with the company when it was still starting out and growing. The board that was to decide who was to be promoted to the new position consisted of a former boss of Kyle who was biased in favor towards him to be promoted. When the board was leaning in

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