Mountain Top Removal

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Mountaintop Removal: Critical fuel source or environmental antagonists? Mountaintop Removal mining is a very controversial environmental issue with many pros and cons on both sides of the argument. I have found three different articles with three contrasting views in the sense that they are from different geographic regions. The three articles are from the St. Petersburg Times, The Washington Times, and The Guardian, which are located in Florida, Maryland, and London, respectively. Despite the varying locations, the three articles shared many similarities in their articles. Mountaintop removal is a procedure in mining that involves using high power explosives for the removal of the top of a mountain to expose the valuable coal seams …show more content…
Rubble from the blasted mountains, often containing toxic debris, is dumped into adjacent valleys to form "valley fills.” Thus, creating an immediate cause of a problem. He also points out that there have been reports of water contamination in towns surrounding mountaintop removal sites. Residents have been reporting not even being able to drink their own water. This creates underlying causes of a problem. According the article in the Washington Times by James E. Person Jr., the immediate causes of the problem is the destruction of the wilderness to make room for these surface mines. This destruction brings about water contamination, mountain soil erosion which could lead to future landslides, and slurry impoundments in the river that endanger the lives of everyone downstream. When it comes to underlying causes of the problem, Person points out that this pain and suffering will only spread to more communities if a stand is not made soon. He sarcastically states, “it is not necessary to believe the area can or should be returned to Edenic purity to believe that turning the Earth into a giant midden and an open sewer is a terrible thing, and taking a stand against the destruction of human life and community is a good thing.” Mark Tran, the writer from The Guardian, writes that the immediate cause of the problems in West Virginia is politics. Mark writes, “In the past three years alone, West Virginia 's division of environmental protection
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