Mountains Beyond Mountains By Tracy Kidder

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In the book Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, Kidder accompanies a doctor names Paul Farmer. Paul Farmer is a man who travels to different parts of the world including Peru, Haiti, Cuba and many more to help and cure patients with Tuberculosis(TB) and other illnesses. One of the illnesses that the books focuses on is multi drug resistant(MDR) TB. Multi drug resistant TB is a form in which a patient with TB forms or obtains a strain that is resistant to one or more drugs used to combat the illness. While trying to treat this illness, Farmer and his fellow colleagues had to overcome many obstacles. Out of the many obstacles faced, cost for medicine is one of the main ones. First, in the book, we read a lot about Farmer treating people in the poorer regions of the world with little money, resources, and lots of illness. In those regions, just getting proper health care is a struggle. When treating TB, the drugs can get very expensive. As Kidder describes in his book,
Tuberculosis patients could consult private pulmonologists, but they had to pay for the visits and for the very expensive second-line drugs the pulmonologists prescribed. Farmer and Kim and Bayona would soon meet people whose families had sold most of their meager possessions and had bought as much of those drugs as they could. Not enough to get cured, however, only enough to acquire further resistance. (140) This quote explains how those with little money that are trying to treat TB, in various
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