Mountains Confucianism

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AIS Answers --- Anirudh Kumar
Assignment 1:

a) The metaphor of the mountain symbolizes the distinction between what is good and what is evil which is one of the main values of Confucianism. The use of the word “bald” serves as a personification which can represent one of two things: 1.It can represent the base of the mountain having been eroded by numerous negative influences such as the wind or 2. It can refer to the lack of flora on the surface of the mountain adding meaning to what the mountain serves to represent. Both the tree and mountain serve as metaphors to refer to life in general. The only way to climb a mountain is through hard work and endurance. You may try to take short cuts, but either way you won’t
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Amongst these core values is the desire to define one’s self, the desire to reach the top, and the desire to receive everything. All humans desire to reach the top of the barren mountain in these works, but what matters more is how they do it, and what they garner along the…show more content…
It is true that all cultures have similar values such as excellence, respect, integrity, and dignity, and they bring it across in many ways from social systems to religious observations. While all these methods that the cultures recognize are different, they all come together to represent the common core values that societies share in the end. Many central aspects of different cultures can come together and meet at one specific point. Core values are the principles that guide all of society’s actions. It is these core values that help resolve many conflicts of a culture. A culture becomes weak and is not as respected well when they don’t believe in or follow any core values. For example, in the modern world today there are numerous conflicts spreading amongst Muslims. Many Muslim and Jewish countries in the Middle East are not exactly “respected”. In fact, recently there was a report saying that a news media personnel who engages in journalism activities ever since the Palestine Wars in the Gaza Strip, is only considered a local journalist, even though he takes videos, notes, and writes reports for many events that take place behind the fighting lines as well as in the person’s households who are affected. He is not respected entirely as a national journalist like other well known CNN Journalists today despite the hardships he had to go through loosing family members due to the impending conflict.
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