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People do not realize the ways that people die on Mount Everest. They do not realize that due to the height limited oxygen is available which leads to many serious illnesses. The limited oxygen not only cause many illnesses, but also causes many deaths. Those dead bodies will stay up on Mount Everest for a long time and will never be brought home to their families. People also do not realize that Mount Everest is not the hardest mountain in the world to climb and other mountains that pose greater challenges.
Everest to one would be seen as dangerous because the height is very intimidating. When first told of the mountain height being 29,029 feet, people automatically assume that is what defines a mountain as challenging. Hence to the
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Everest also has a limit on the amount of people per expedition so that overcrowding does not become an issue. Overcrowding used was an issue on Everest, but Nepal solved the issue by raising prices (Krakauer 25). Guides were also in charge of getting climbers adjusted to the amount of oxygen in the high altitudes. Rob Hall, a guide during the 1996 disaster on Everest and famous for climbing the Seven Summits, set up a plan to acclimate his team to the oxygen levels, helping them to not occur serious high altitude sickness. These precautions helped 1,300 climbers to summit Everest and have only 168 deaths, according to The Himalayas by the Numbers (Salisbury, Hawley).
K2 is a mountain that is more dangerous than Everest because “the Savage Mountain” is the nickname given to the mountain due to the severe weather. K2 is the second highest mountain in the world and is in the Pakistan mountain range, Karakoram. Due to the Karakoram Mountain Range’s climate being below 10 degrees Celsius, the weather on K2 is unpredictable and brutal. Haberl’s letters to his lover gives a first hand experience with the weather, “the weather changes are wild and unpredictable” (Oakley- Baker 27). The time to summit K2 needs to have a good weather, but with unpredictable weather a climber never truly knows how much time they have. According to Harbel, the weather went from a snowstorm to clear skies to another snowstorm in

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