Mountains beyond Mountains: Dr. Paul Farmer Essay example

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Dr. Paul Farmer in Mountains Beyond Mountains is a clear example of a selfless man. Dr. Paul Farmer has made it his mission to dedicate his life to helping the poor and desolate. His morals are sound in that he does not view sick people as objects or untouchables, but as humans deserving of care, compassion and fair and proper treatment, no matter their ability to pay. Dr. Farmer makes sacrifices and advocates for the poor throughout his journey, showing the rest of the world how one man can make a difference.
Global Social Welfare
Haiti is a prime example of how human needs in one area of the world are interdependent with social conditions elsewhere in the world. Haiti, for most of its history has been overwhelmed with economic mismanage and political violence. While in Haiti Dr. Farmer discovers that his patients live in poverty, filth, pain and famine. Many of the Haitian residents will die young due to diseases or violence, especially when their own doctors are inexperienced and practice medicine in less than savory clinics. How do you deliver quality healthcare to a destitute area of the world when its residence, although may be cured of their disease, will return to no clean running water, an extreme lack of quality food and basic necessitates that majority of us take for granted, no safe shelters from disease carrying insects, and no means to protect themselves from airborne and sexually transmitted diseases. Returning to the same conditions that caused the…

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