Mourning Sickness : The Social Norms Of What Grieving Should Look Like And Blows Out Of The Water

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In today 's society grief can be overlooked, as if it is something that should not happen, something that is shame full, grief is something that is complex and has many stages that are neglected to be recognized. The episode of Private Practice entitled "Mourning Sickness" highlights the social norms of what grieving should look like and blows them out of the water. Backed by numerous sources on grief and the true effects of loss the director of the episode shows the audience the many things wrong with the societal perception and the massive impact loss has on a family and those close to them along with how the actions of others affect them. "Mourning Sickness" begins with the reading of the will "I Pete Wilder..." (Private Practice)…show more content…
She was then joined by her close group of friends, the only people she really wanted to be with, who also partook in the fun she was having. Although smoking may not have been the best choice it was the only Violet, a trained therapist, was able to cope with that day and most of all the actions of others. In the essay “Much to Do About Protest: The Keith-Lucas Theory for Mourning” the author talks about how the stages of grief and how someone is impacted. Violets action of smoking makes it clear that she had entered the state of "Protest". Part of this stage "involves attempts to smooth over or placate emotional responses of anger and protest" (Helen Wilson Haris). Violet, and others, were highly likely to do this due to her training on grief and education level. By smoking and taking that out allowed her to not be a therapist for a moment and truly be able to grieve. As the episode continues we see Violet emerge from the bathroom, much more at piece and okay than she had been. She quickly transitions into the stage of anger and frustration. She had an outburst about how they should stop crying and acting sad and finally do what Pete wanted. Quickly after her outburst she began singing karaoke loudly and screaming that it was what he wanted. Many of the people there were stunned by her abrupt actions and didn’t know

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