Mouse Discussion Review Paper

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With the world embracing globalisation at a breakneck pace, there is increasing need for cross-cultural communication and sensitivity. After 45 minutes of roleplaying, I think that I managed to experience first-hand complications surrounding the idea of cross-cultural communications.

Right off the bat, many cultural differences came into contention. Country folk versus City dweller, Forward thinking versus Protecting traditions and culture, Path of Certainty versus Risk Taking, just to name a few. These various mind-sets spawned from the cultural differences determined the priorities of the involved parties and determined the outcomes they were looking for.

Everyone’s priorities came first and foremost in their minds,
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Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner’s Seven Dimensions of Culture highlights how people view status as a point of consideration, described as “Achievements versus Ascription”. “Achievement”, meaning people ascribe status and respect to accomplishments, while “Ascription” alludes that title and position are held with high regard. The Mouse Representative showcases a high Achievement index. To the Mouse Representative, degrees and high profile projects are symbols of his worth. However, the governors are opposite, viewing status and title as paramount, evident by how affected the Magny governor was when a Mouse employee addressed him by his first name. This leads to misunderstanding as the expect to receive respect in light of their titles, while the Mouse Representative has yet to witness any of their achievements, thus having nothing worth ascribing status to. Hence, the way that particular parties expect to be treated is a far cry from how they are actually treated.

One possible limitation is how these theories make their measurements and assumptions based on the boundaries of the country. While it may be fine with small countries, there will be a wider spectrum the larger the country is. This results in a greater likelihood of the problem of preconceived notions as mentioned earlier. Born out of good intentions, the act of
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