Move and Position Individuals in Accordance with Their Plan of Care

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CU2645 Move and Position Individuals In Accordance with their Plan of Care. 1.1 The importance of the human body with correct moving and positioning in relation to anatomy and physiology includes making sure you understand the different kinds of joints (hinge/ball and socket for example) are held together by ligaments and tendons and how easy it is to damage these joints by pulling on them or for example heaving people around a bed or not using a hoist but instead by dragging people up under their armpits. This could cause a shoulder to be dislocated etc by incorrect handling. There are pressure areas on the human body (shoulders, ankles, bottom etc) which are prone to pressure sores which can progress on to full thickness of skin loss.…show more content…
2.2 Factors that need to be taken into account when moving and positioning individuals include ensuring the area you are using is hazard free, for example making sure there is nothing in your way that will affect you moving safely eg rugs to trip over, wet floors, other individuals moving around. You must make sure the equipment is fully working and safe to use, for example if using a hoist ensuring the sling is in date, making sure there are no pulls on the sling and loops, ensuring the battery is charged and the hoist is clean and fully working. Making sure the individual is correctly positioned and safely positioned in vital and if they aren’t 100% correct then you must start again to ensure this. 3.3 It is vital you identify any immediate risks to the individual to ensure they are 100% safe and can be moved completely safely. For example if the sling for the hoist has a loop that is used to keep them positioned correctly and safely and the loop has ripped then that sling MUST NOT be used. You would identify this risk immediately when ensuring everything is hazard free before starting the moving, handling and positioning. 3.4 If you identify a risk you must deal with it accordingly. Depending on the risk will depend on how you would deal with it. For example if you identified the rug would cause an obstruction you would move the rug, if you saw a floor was wet because it had
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