Move and position

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1:1 Outline the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to the importance of correct moving and positioning of individuals
The anatomy which the physical structure of the body and physiology which is the normal functions of the body help individuals to move their limbs. Muscles have the power of contraction thus it produce movement of the body and allow the bones to work like hinges. When moving someone/individual it is important to remember that the muscles can only move the joint as far as the bones will allow them.

1:2 Describe the impact of specific conditions on the correct movement and positioning of an individual
If an individual has
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3:3 Identify any immediate risks to the individual:
The immediate risks to the individual are as follows environmental factors, equipment, service user and person involved in the moving and handling. The service user could be in danger or harm if procedures has not carried out correctly, individual could be at risk of infection, it could cause pain, discomfort or friction from moving, not having proper moving and handling techniques could be a risk to individual. Those assisting in the moving and handling, others within the environment and servicer. Equipment can be faulty. Risk can occur any time at your work place that why it is important to always check and identify risks and try to correct it straight away ( ie) if you are using a sling to hoist a service user and it has a tear on it no matter how small the risk is, if it is not being corrected straight away this could lead to a big risk and
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