Moved By Literature Essay

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Literature connects people to the world around them with word play. This is meant to ignite the imagination, whether it is through poetry, short stories, or even drama. There are certain concepts one should understand in order to interrupt the various works. The idea is to read a story or poem and gain an understanding of what the author is stating. Reading material should move you in one way or another, whether it is to love or hate. One should experience some level of emotion through reading. The purpose of this essay is to survey a few different works of literature and compare the genres by the use of the elements of literature mainly symbolism and irony. When one thinks of the pleasant encounters in life, there is usually a time, …show more content…
Most stories stem from life experiences or what the authors has seen, first or second hand.
Communities and cultures have a huge impact on literature and how it presented. The background of an author and their life experiences play a major role in what their work represents. Most stories involve social circumstances of the time and place. For instance in the short story “The Life You Save May Be Your Own”, the author speaks of a mother, a daughter, and wanderer. It was common during that time to encounter such people; Homeless people after the war. Some times writers include social and political problems that people are facing. “Good Country People” concentrates on the subject matter of moral uprightness. The characters reflect different types of people. Supposedly they are “good country people with unsimilar traits. Making them unique in their own way. Joy’s character in this story is a protagonist, during her stint in college had her birth name changed to Hulga considering that it would be the ugliest name she came up with. As a youth Joy had been damaged while with some people hunting. As a result of the hunting accident she lost her leg from the knee down. This is one of her personality traits more or less why she is so angry. Joy thinks of herself as better than the rest, mainly due to her education; not happy with herself but up holds herself as better than the “country people”.

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