Movements Of The Anti-Slavery Movement In The Early 19th Century

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Movements of the 19th Century The early nineteenth century is a part of one of the greatest ages, the Age of Reform and Revolution. It was a time of many people having new ideas of what an ideal society should have. This led to the creation of many new movements to try to create this new ideal society. Of the many movements that occurred, three of the most important ones were “manifest destiny,” the Industrial Revolution and the Anti-Slavery Movement. To begin with, a major movement that wrought great change in the early United States was “manifest destiny.” The idea of manifest destiny is that the U.S. has a right and a duty to extend its democratic system of governance across the North American Continent. The movement of Manifest Destiny slowly increased in the 19th century as the population continued to grow. It led to Westward Expansion and help the United States to gain more territory due to its citizens needing it. The first of the expeditions across the continent was done by Lewis and Clark in 1803. When they got back, their reports got out about the beautiful and fertile land that existed in the West. After the population more than tripled in 40 years, the idea of “manifest destiny” became very popular over the course Manifest destiny used newspapers and flyers to spread the idea that the West was their destiny and their future. This was very effective in getting people to migrate over to the west. It appealed mostly to those who had failed at farming in the East

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