Movements Rising from Drug Cartels in Mexico

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Secure places to visit. In 2006 Mexico was a safe place to visit, but everything changed after Felipe Calderon took over as new president. After few months of his new position, President Felipe Calderon decided to send 45,000 soldiers and 5,000 federal police to the state of Michoacán to eradicate the drug trafficking. He also fired hundreds of dishonest police officers. The drug trafficking movement is not a new movement. It has been existed for many decades, but now it is expanding further due to the born of new drug trafficking organizations or cartels. The cartels fight against each other to win control or to open new trafficking routes into the United States, on their fights many innocent people die or disappear every day. Residents from some states tired of all the crimes committed by the cartels and sometimes the authorities; had decided to protect themselves by forming self- defense groups Also, other movement has emerge, since the drug trafficking became more notorious and dangerous the Narcocultura movement. Mexico in conjunction with United States had been fighting to end with the drug trafficking war. The lack of education, the poverty, the corruption and the unrestricted demand for drug in the United States, have made Mexico the center of one of the world’s most sophisticated drug system Mexican nation is in crisis because the continuance of violence, due to the drug trafficking movement. In Mexico is believed that there are approximately seven major
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