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Degenerate art is not bad art; it was just labeled that by the German government. In 1937, an exhibition of over six hundred works labeled Degenerate Art opened in Munich, Germany, right next door to an exhibit of its opposite, Great German Art. The purpose of Degenerate Art was to showcase art with subjects and styles that disobeyed Adolf Hitler’s standards of art, which targeted most modern, avant-garde art that seemingly attacked the purity of the German people. Hitler understood that art was going to play a large role in building his ideal nation, as culture is a major cornerstone in any lasting society. That being said, modern movements, such as Expressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism, and Dadaism, made up most of the…show more content…
The fact that the Nazi party had attacked one of their own expresses a power struggle over German Expressionism within the party’s cultural politics. The exhibition of Nolde is symbolic of the resolution of this conflict. Also, Nolde was banned from painting in 1941, despite his Nazi sympathies. This painting specifically does not express the ideals that the German government wanted to be represented. First of all, the people are painted rather crudely in an effort to show their remorse over the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The way the women specifically in this piece are painted do not depict women in motherly positions or with beautiful bodies to be a vision of health, but rather they are painted to look like they are grieving. Also, the men represented in this work are not those of the Aryan race. They are dark in skin color wear a wrap around their heads which signify they are a part of a culture or religion that is unfamiliar and different to Germans. Furthering the concept of the look of remorse on the people’s faces, these people are grieving over a man that is not Adolf Hitler. Possibly the reason that this could be considered Degenerate Art is that the members of the Nazi party did not want the German people to view others feeling remorse over a leader that was not Hitler. Personally, when I first viewed this painting, my first feeling was pain and suffering due to the harsh colors and lines that were used. The colors used are

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