Movers and Shakers in Education

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Felicia Rumsey EDU 210 01/19/13 Bryce Budoff Movers and Shakers in Education Sacrifices have been made throughout history by many to advance the field of education so all children have the opportunity for a proper education and a successful future. With these advances come all types of adjustments to keep the idea of a proper education moving. Just in the last fifty years, there have been several significant attempts to improve the educational system. The first being the A Nation at Risk report introduced in 1983. President Regan’s Secretary of Education T. H. Bell created the National Commission on Excellence in Education to analyze the quality of education in America. The Commission’s report, A Nation at Risk: The…show more content…
Due to President Clinton’s interest and persistence for education reform a significant improvement has been seen since the implement of his reform policy. Before the reform policy, students faced diluted curriculum and low expectations. After the reform policy, students flourished when presented with higher standards focusing in core subjects and funding for low-performing schools so they can invest in proven reform strategies. A principal from Georgia had this to say regarding President Clinton’s education reform: "Over the last eight years, President Clinton has proven a friend to education. Increased funding for critical investments, such as teacher development, greater resources and reduced class sizes, are just several contributions…" ("The clinton-gore administration,”). Another important attempt at education reform came during President George W. Bush’s era. President Bush proposed the No Child left Beyond Act which was passed by both congress and the senate and was signed into effect by President Bush in 2002. The act was a reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. The NCLB Act set requirements that would affect every public school in America. It increased the federal government’s role in education and aimed the majority of its focus on disadvantaged students. There were several key areas of reform starting with annual testing. The NCLB required

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