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Write Up On Thirteen Days Case Study: We will watch the film “13 Days” in class. You will then write a paper consisting of five to seven descriptive and concise paragraphs in bulleted form discussing how the negotiation issues are presented/used in the film and its connection to the readings. You should analyze each scenario and offer a series of observations related to the negotiation. When citing, be sure to include the author and page number(s). Think in terms of both integrative or distributive negotiation practices. Some things you to consider: How are problems handled? What impact do certain approaches/styles have? You may think in terms of the negotiations with the Russians or within the Kennedy administration. In the first …show more content…
In the end, the publisher agrees to the terms, but asks for something to tell his guys since they will want his head on a plate. JFK tells him they will be saving lives including their own. In this situation, JFK was negotiating with the Publisher to hold off on the story until after he is able to release a statement because if the story is released first, there could be extreme consequences like nuclear attacks on the United States. In the book, Getting to Yes, a key to integrative agreements is the ability for the parties “to understand and satisfy each other’s interests.” (p. 64, Lewicki) In this scenario, the parties “have different types of interests at stake,” (p. 66, Lewicki) in which the publisher wants to be the first to release a huge story while the president wants to make sure people do not die. Ultimately, one of the interests becomes more powerful than the other in this situation, which allows for interests to change to the most important issue at hand. (p. 67, Lewicki) By JFK providing the publisher with a life changing issue the publisher surely acknowledges the situation and allows for JFK to win the negotiation. There isn’t always a victor in a negotiation, but there is in this confrontation. The tone of voice in which the president spoke was also important, making sure he was touching yet charismatic at the same time. When

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