Essay on Movie Analyses

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Movie Analyses

There is more to movies than pure visual quality and simple, predictable plots. While a movie may be able to appeal to masses of people with pure visceral quality, most quality movies have more in the way of character interaction and establish of an environment that suits the movie. There are many qualities to judge a movie by, but it is best to find qualities that certain movies share in common to best judge the two. The three movies being compared and contrasted in this paper are The House of Games, Blue Velvet, and The Unbearable Lightness of Being. To best analyze these movies, they will be looked at from three viewpoints: their use of both physical and emotional relationships, their use of surrealism, and their use
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The movie plays out in what are essentially two opposite settings, with half of the scenes seeming like a satires of idealistic American small-towners, in a suburban area in which nothing looks wrong, and the other half taking place in a dark underworld where some of the most unthinkable violent and sexual acts are committed. A quick synopsis of the plot is that Jeffrey hunts down Frank after meeting Dorothy and he makes it his personal mission to save Dorothy from the life Frank has forced upon her. The final movie that is being gone over is called The Unbearable Lightness of Being. This movie is about a Czech doctor named Tomas who seems to take nothing seriously in his life, despite living in Prague at a time of great tension between the Czech citizens and Soviet Communist government.

Tomas basically sees the whole world as his sexual playground, driven perhaps by his sex- without-love relationship with his
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