Movie Analysis : 12 Angry Men

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Throughout the movie 12 Angry Men, there were many factors that went into their final decision. All jurors except for one thought the young man pleaded guilty, but one by one began to believe he wasn’t guilty after all. Factors like the temperature, time, and past experiences affected the overall decision of the small group within this film. The temperature was a major factor to all of the jurors throughout the movie. It was stated to be the hottest day of the year that specific day and was shown to be very evident. All of the men were sweating and becoming very fractious the more they stayed in the room discussing the case. In addition, there were several complaints of no air conditioning and the fan not working that kept instigating an exasperated attitude to the jurors. The more irritable they became because of the heat, the more relentless the men were to talking through the evidence and possibly rethinking their vote. Later one once Juror #7 figured out how to operate the fan, all of their moods lightened and seemed more reasonable to consider both point of view’s. This factor plays a big part in our lives today. We don’t easily adapt to irregular temperatures, and often become irritable when we encounter them. For example, when sitting in a classroom with 30 others on a humid day, students often become very snarly and relentless to do any work. When we become too hot, we begin to sweat or when it’s too cold, we begin to shiver focus on the room temperature, and how
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