Movie Analysis : 12 Angry Men

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The group type presented in the film 12 Angry men appears to be a task group. Task groups typically come together to accomplish a specific charge. In this case, their task was to decide a verdict of guilty or not guilty for the boy on trial. According to our text, some feature of this task group would include those listed under the “teams” category such as appointed leadership and focus on a specific task or charge. The members’ bond is simply there interest in the task, as they have no previous relationship. The composition of the group is based on their common interest, shared purpose, and investment in community through their task on the jury. The communication style began as being relative to the task and low member self-disclosure. I believe near the middle and end of the movie the communication moved into more informal member-to-member discussion, formulation and implementation of tactics and strategies for change. We began to see higher member self-disclosure in relation to social problems – both under the teams approach. (Toseland & Rivas, 2012, p. 30)
When considering the leadership found within the group, it appears that the foreman is the appointed group leader from the beginning. There was one instance that the foreman attempted to use a blocking technique to guide the group’s interactions, particularly with juror 10 whom was speaking out of turn and encouraging others to. According to our text, “Blocking can be used when a member is getting off topic or saying…

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