Movie Analysis : ' A Beautiful Mind ' Essay

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My Report Name: Sarah Hall Hypothesis: Ron Howard’s films are factually accurate compared to Danny Boyle’s films, based on real life people who have demonstrated achievement. Biopics are films based on real life people sharing their greatest achievements. Aron Ralston in ‘127 hours’ had to make a major decision whether to cut his arm off or not, in order to survive, John Nash in ‘A Beautiful Mind’ had to choose whether to take his medication in order to get better from his mental illness, Schizophrenia. Both of these films have been developed to retell the stories of these men and to be as accurate as possible, to help the audience understand the character 's perspective. Films reviews and articles can determine whether they are as accurate as they are put out to be. John Nash’s biopic, is not as accurate and many would hope it would be. Many aspects of his life were taken out of the film, and instead replaced with moments, that either made him delusional for example, seeing imaginary people, or changing his life for the better, like taking his medication. Throughout the film, we rarely do not see the mistakes he makes, a part from a few. In an article for Slate, written by Chris Suellentrop says that it is “Nowhere near as complicated as the real one.” (Slate, 2001). The reason why he says this is because John Nash’s life behind the scenes, is not what you see on the screen. A lot of things have happened, and it shows that Ron Howard did not want to demonstrate that, as
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