Movie Analysis : ' A Good Cast '

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Acting, Scenery, Lights, Costume, and Props are the aspects I would have to celebrate. For acting, I believe that I had a very good cast. Chris played the role of Jack and no matter what I asked he stayed in character. There were times I would ask him what he thought he wanted form the other person and he would not break character. This made him easy to work with and gave me a lot of confidence in him. Of course, there were times that he would laugh, but we ended up fixing this really quick. Sierra played Karen and sometimes was in character. She was very good at the beginning and it sort of switched toward the end of the process. We worked on her laughing and it ended up going well after that. The end product, in my opinion, was amazing considering where we began. They always felt like they were connected and were a real married couple. My highlight is how Sierra finally stopped being angry at Chris and showed how Karen was sorry for what she had done. The process of working with both actors and seeing how they saw their character was incredible. It was surprising how many things we had in common for both of the characters. Like how they felt towards each other at the end of the play and how Karen had cheated on Jack before. There were some differences in opinion, but eventually both sides saw where the other person was coming from. One thing that we all saw different in both characters is the marriage situation. I saw Karen as a woman who made a mistake and wanting to fix…
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