Movie Analysis: American History X

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The movie I decided to analyze for this course was American History X (1998), which stars Edward Norton. Though this movie isn’t widely known, it is one of the more interesting movies I have seen. It’s probably one of the best films that depict the Neo Nazi plague on American culture. The film takes place from the mid to late 1990’s during the Internet boom, and touches on subjects from affirmative action to Rodney King. One of the highlights of this movie that really relates to one of the key aspects of this course is the deterrence of capital punishment. Edward Norton’s portrayal as the grief stricken older brother who turns to racist ideologies and violence to cope with his fathers death, completely disregards the consequences of his …show more content…
Even when Derek’s car was stolen, one may imply that he seemed to be more irate that a group of African Americans were committing the crime rather than just losing his car. Even though most of them got away with his car, he still took out all of his hateful rage for African Americans on the last thief that was left behind. His blind hatred for everyone who wasn’t a white Christian American made him oblivious to the carnage he undertook by himself or with his gang throughout the movie. I’ve watched numerous documentaries on gangs, such as the Ayran Brotherhood, and see many similarities between this fictional white supremacist gang represented in the movie. For example, a similarity I noticed is that these white supremacists not only promotes ridiculous propaganda to support their cause, but some also are surprisingly unapologetic for heinous crimes they committed against others. Denial and ignorance have taken hold of them so tightly (both in real life and shown in the movie) that their reasoning and justification for their mentalities and actions are just beyond disgraceful, while someone on top running the gang is manipulating their crooked minds further purely for their own benefits. Even though eventually Derek reformed in prison, he was far from being remorseful of the crimes he committed as well as his racial
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