Movie Analysis : Blockbuster Failure

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Blockbuster Failure Analysis Who is your Company? What kind of business are/were they in? When did they fail? where they rescued? (1) paragraph Our company is Blockbuster, LLC. They were in the entertainment to consumer industry, specifically rental and sale of videos, video games and film-accompanying snacks. We define failure as a “point-no-return”, when Blockbuster, LLC ceased to remain independently viable and were bought by Dish Network on April 26, 2011. According Dish Network’s annual financial reports, on December 31, 2013 Blockbuster officially ceased all material operations. This was not a rescue attempt. Dish Network acquired Blockbuster, LLC for the purpose acquiring their digital content streaming service and…show more content…
Netflix is an international provider of internet streaming media that serves all of the world the service of streaming and mailed DVD and Blu-Ray. Their company works by monthly subscriptions offering the consumers different streaming, DVD/Blu-Ray packages that would fulfilled their needs. The streaming packages gives the consumer the opportunity to view unlimited TV shows, series and movies from different devices like TV, computers, IPad and cellphones with the luxury that it can be accessed everywhere as long as there is a WIFI connection. As for the DVD/Blu-Ray packages it gives the consumer the option to choose how many DVD/Blu-Ray they would like to receive per month, once they are done with watching it they would return it, without any cost or late fee, and the company will send them the next DVD/Blu-Ray on their preference list to watch. The idea of a partnership was shut down by Blockbusters CEO which would later on result in the company’s bankruptcy. At the time when this offer was made, Blockbuster was on the top of the video rental industry and the company missed how the unforeseen network industry would affect the rental industry. In the beginning Netflix struggled with the fact that consumers were used to go to an actual shop where they can browse around and pick the videos they wanted. But just like any new product/service there are always the curious consumers that want to stay on top of things and
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