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Vyom Thakkar Film R1B: Boxing Films; Eliot Bessette, Harry Burson Word Count: 3227 Saved by the Brother: Role of Family Dynamics in The Fighter and Raging Bull Masculinity comprises the backbone of the boxing genre, with the boxer protagonist in an arena displaying masculinity to an audience that cannot in as pure of a manner. This depiction of masculinity calls upon the personality of the protagonist to portray a reclamation of a quality that may be repressed in other individuals by society through success in the ring. This accounts for why the boxing genre so frequently causes audiences to see themselves in the boxer protagonist. However, the burden of masculinity can be portrayed by boxing films as a complex development of…show more content…
As the film progresses, Jake’s self-destructive tendencies cause him to lash out at his brother and his wife, imagining cases of infidelity. The film does not culminate in Jake’s victory and becoming champion as is characteristic of the boxing genre, but instead goes further and shows how Jake poorly adjusts to retirement, and ends up isolated from his family. Raging Bull’s approach to the boxing film focuses on the negative characteristics of the boxer that account for his masculinity, rather than solely on the boxer proving his masculinity in the ring. Joey’s behavior supplements Jake’s and validates it at the start of the film, mirroring some of Jake’s personality. Grindon depicts Joey and Jake’s behaviors as representative of “the ideology of Italian American machismo [which] promotes the crises of masculinity at the heart of the film.” 2 Grindon’s description is evidenced by Jake and Joey’s treatment of Vickie, and their overall attitude towards women. The relationship between Jake and Joey is what drives the actualization of Jake’s negative characteristics for the audience. Joey’s role in Jake’s career allows Jake to navigate the field of boxing, but Jake’s destructive personality alienates Joey, which becomes a major factor in Jake’s decline. The decline consists of Jake’s loss of the following championship match
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