Movie Analysis : ' Boxing Helena '

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CAPTION: Main Line Pictures, Inc. v. Basinger, 1994 WL 814244 (Cal.App. 2 Dist.) FACTS: Actress Kim Basinger provided “loan-out” services to Mighty Wind, Inc. Main Line Pictures, Inc. sent Basinger a copy of the screenplay for the film “Boxing Helena” in December 1990. On January 24, 1991, Basinger met with her talent agent, Intertalent, and agreed to star in the film. Contract discussions between Basinger’s attorneys (Attorney Philips and Attorney Russell) and Main Line’s attorney (Attorney Wyman) were held. Both parties agreed that Basinger would be compensated $3 million, including $600,000 as well as additional deferred compensation. On February 27, 1991, both party’s attorneys discussed the material terms of the contract, in which Attorney Phillips agreed to each term. Attorney Wyman sent Attorney Phillips a deal memo dated on February 27, 1991 regarding terms for Basinger’s role in the film. Due to time constraints, an oral agreement was reached and material terms were compiled into written documents, including the "Acting Service Agreement" and a "Producer 's Standard Terms and Conditions for an Actor/Actress -- Loan-out." An “inducement” was also created. On March 7, 1991, these documents were sent to Attorney Phillips. Both attorneys exchanged various drafts of the documents in addition to sending Basinger copies. Many ancillary terms were changed and agreed upon. In April 1991, Basinger changed her talent agent to International Creative Management who suggested
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