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This was the first time I went to view a theatrical play to actually analyze its elements instead of simply only paying attention to the story lines and the actors. In order to maintain this task, I wanted to see a play that was short and catches my interests to be able to remember it more efficiently. I wasn’t sure where to even look for reasonably priced plays, what came to mind was Broadway and Google. Then I was informed that BMCC was having the theatrical production of “DNA” by Dennis Kelly. I liked the idea of this play because of its convenience of being located at BMCC and it was only a hour long. One thing that bothered me was being afraid of boredom and dissatisfaction. Before reserving my seat online, I pursued research into the play’s origins. What I discovered was Dennis Kelly was given a positive review on the New York Times, found out DNA is a popular play that is frequently performed at numerous colleges and a summary. I didn’t read the entire summary because of unwanted spoiler alerts but what caught my attention was the plot consisting of teenagers and a dead body. Thus, allowing me to go ahead and reserve a seat to watch.

When it was time to see DNA, my friends and I entered into a black box theatre consisting of seats surrounding the entire stage. The stage had two bold dark gray colored concrete walls facing each other on both sides of the stage and also ramps attached to each wall. At the beginning of the production, they started with the

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