Movie Analysis : Candy Land

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Candy Land is a fun imaginative game in which friend’s journey across a magical land out of candy in search of the missing king. Anyone, ages 3 and up, can join in the game and feel how it is to be a kid again. The rules are simple. Draw a card, move to the corresponding space, and hope you’re lucky enough to be the one to reach the end of the board and find the location of the candy king. There are many special cards included in the drawing pile that influence how far forward or backwards a players character is allowed to move. There are three types of cards involved in the game. The first card has a single square on it that is a single color. The color on the cards correspond with the layout of the playing board. This specific card lets the player move forward to the space that is the same color as the square on the card. The player can only move to the first space that is the same color. The second card contains two of the same colored squares. This card allows the player to move their character forward two spaces that correspond with the color squares on the card.
The third type of card is a type of transportation card. When drawn it shows a location that is on the board, or a person that is on the board. When the card is drawn the player moves there character to the corresponding location. This card is special in that it can help a player get ahead of others, catch up to the others, or be moved backwards and behind all of the other players. This is the only way a…
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