Movie Analysis : ' Comrades : Almost A Love Story '

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Peter Chan’s film, Comrades: Almost a Love Story, focuses on the relationship development between two Mainland Chinese immigrants to Hong Kong, Xiao Jun and Li Qiao. Xiao Jun is a naive Northerner of China who speaks Mandarin, while Li Qiao is from Guangzhou, a Cantonese speaking region of Southern China. Both foreigners of Hong Kong share the dream of making a better life, in which Xiao-Jun’s goal is to be able to make enough fortune to marry his fiance, Xiao Ting, while Li Qiao’s goal is to become a prosperous businesswoman. Originally, when Li Qiao met Xiao-Jun, she planned to deceive him for her individual financial acquisition, just like any other mainlanders she approaches who have a disadvantage of not being able to speak Cantonese. However, as the two spent more time together, Li Qiao became more honest to Xiao Jun when she discovered that he was willing to stay and accompany her as a friend despite him knowing of her deception. The fact that both shared the same feeling of being an outsider in the city of Hong Kong brought the two into a closer connection that soon lead to a romantic love relationship. Inevitably, the two lovers’ relationship was unable to carry on due to their individual’s goal in their mission in coming to Hong Kong. Thus, eventually the two separated to their own roads; Xiao Jun returned to China to marry Xiao Ting, while Li Qiao ended up marrying the gang boss, Ou Yang Bao, because he was able to fulfill her financial difficulty at
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