Movie Analysis : Crash, Directed By Paul Haggis

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Crash, a 2004 film directed by Paul Haggis, began by saying “It’s the sense of touch…Any real city, you walk…You brush past people. People bump into you. In L.A, nobody touches you….I think we miss that touch so much that we crash into each other just so we can feel something”. The word “touch” suggests people contact with each other. “Feel” indicates a sense of emotion. In a society, where people from different background, culture, race, and ethnicity come in contact with others, each individual has their own perspectives on the world around them. The movie brought together a diverse group of people living in Los Angeles, California in order to demonstrate many social issues such as race and ethnicity, gender, and social stratification.…show more content…
276). As per Croteau & Hoynes (2015), while stereotypes and prejudice are limited to beliefs and attitude, discrimination involves actions and behaviors. Ryan’s partner, a white police officer, took a stand against racism. While driving off duty, he gave a black hitchhiker a ride in a neighborhood where people were not likely to pick up any one that late at night. When his passenger made friendly conversation about country music and ice skating, he looked at the black man and did not believe anything he said. And when the black guy started to laugh, he thought that man was making fun of him. At this time, his stereotype against the black passenger turned into a discrimination action. He shot the black guy assuming black people had criminal intention when the black guy reached something in his pocket. Before the shooting incident, the audiences think of that young officer as a justice defender who tried to reassign from his racist partner, protected a black man surrounded by policemen. However, after he shot the hitchhiker, everything was changed. He failed not only himself as an anti-racist individual but also the audience who believe in him. It is obvious that stereotype and discrimination can easily break the human connection due to race differences. Because of those social biases, an innocent black man lost his life, a white policeman who was strongly against racism killed another man. “Biases impact not only the victim of the bias, but also every individual who

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