Movie Analysis : ' Crash '

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Mohamed Abdi
Professor Opse
English 1108
23 November 2015
Movie Analysis
Although the movie Crash aired in 2004, the movie does a phenomenal job at depicting social conflicts that are still evident in 2015. Crash, also deals with wide range of controversies and offers multiple narratives. And since narrative is always a two-way street, the movie does a great job of showing two perspectives of everything. More specifically, it challenges our ethical and moral beliefs in a sense that many of the scenes in the movie reside in the grey area. It shows that human dilemmas are far more complicated then originally anticipated. For example, the movie shows victims at times, can be the perpetrator and vice versa. Moreover, the movie really challenges any preconceived notations that we may have about a fringe minority. For instance, officer Tom Hansen was eulogized by many viewers when he stood up for Camron. But, at the end of the movie he killed an African American man. Does that make him a racist, was there a legitimate threat? Or does that scene all together transcend race? Scenes like these can be found all over the movie. I would recommend the movie Crash to other Inver Hills students because it does a great job of depicting social conflicts, including institutionalized racism, and police brutality. Furthermore, it offers multiple perspectives on each dilemma.
To begin with, my fellow peers as well as other college students would benefit from viewing Crash, because it

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