Movie Analysis : ' Crash '

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There are many movies out there that take a viewpoint form so many angles, this movie Crash does this that. Watching this movie brought about many emotions from my own life but to get a sense of what other people in the world go through when it comes to interacting with other races, the experiences we’ve had with them and also the perspectives we hold inside of us overall. This chapter will look at three scenes form the move crash and break each one of them down to showcase the significance of what individual were feeling in the move and what we can take away from that. I will also look at one character and describe how I can relate to it in general. I will also touch on some of the main issues from this movie that we can take way from. What connects with that is the counseling aspect. I will also dive into the characters that I will focus on and the aspect of them getting help from a counselor to get beyond the conflict that we know where this paper is headed and what I am going to cover, lets first dive into detail about three significant scenes in the move. The first scene I will talk about in this movie is when Terrence Howards character Cameron Thayer is in the car and Anthony attempts to rub him and take his car. The scene progresses and they both fight and the cops end up following them while they are fighting in the car. When the cops have the vehicle surrendered, Cameron Thayer’s gets out of the car and starts yelling at them. This

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