Movie Analysis : Dad With Jack Lemmon, Ted Danson, And Olympia Dukakis

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I chose to watch the movie “DAD” with Jack Lemmon, Ted Danson, and Olympia Dukakis, just to name a few of the actors. In the past, I’ve seen “The Notebook” and absolutely loved it, but I wanted to allow myself a new opportunity with a fresh perspective.

DAD is a story about family, missed opportunities, and estranged relationships, along with dedication, commitments, and loyalty. I found this movie inspiring, as well as, an accurate portrayal of not only aging, but more importantly, the power of love.

This movie begins by telling the story of a husband and wife (Jack Lemmon and Olympia Dukakis) who live an unquestionable, regimented life as the man is starting to slow down and his controlling wife becoming the caregiver. One of the opening scenes is that Lemmon meanders into his bathroom where his toothbrush is laid out, alongside toothpaste, parallel to his comb and razor. Everything is neatly arranged, on the countertop, as a reminder of things he needs to do when he enters his bathroom. The day continues as his wife makes him the same breakfast each morning, while guiding him through their routine for the day, such as trailing behind her in the supermarket. She has taken away her husband’s dignity and respect by treating him as a child instead of an equal partner.

During their mid week grocery store visit, she gets a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital. Their daughter calls her brother (Ted Danson), a big wig executive, to fly down and lend…

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