Movie Analysis : Detropia Is A Documentary Directed By Heidi Ewing And Rachel Grady

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Detropia is a documentary directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady that explores the decline of Detroit, Michigan. The film is to raise awareness of the city that used to flourish but is now struggling to support its citizens with the downfall of its automobile industry. Detropia was made in 2012 and highlights important stories and viewpoints of citizens still living in Detroit who are filled with hope for its future. I chose to review Detropia because it really corresponds with what we have been discussing in Geography, such as urban geography and population growth. Urban geography is a subdiscipline of geography that deals with areas of the Earth’s surface that have a high concentration of buildings and architecture. The documentary Detropia goes into depth of why Detroit’s population is dissolving and what is being done about it. Detropia does not have any narrative from the filmmakers. There is never a point in the film where a narrator is reading a script or talking. The entire documentary follows three people in Detroit who are involved in various situations around the city. The three people the documentary focuses on are Crystal Starr, a video blogger around Detroit, Tommy Stephens, the owner of a nightclub called the Raven Lounge, and George McGregor, the local president of the United Auto Workers. Throughout the film, these people share their own different voices and stories about what Detroit means to them. Chrystal Starr, a video blogger from Detroit, is…
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