Movie Analysis : ' Die Hard '

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Die Hard, a film directed by John McTiernan, successfully utilized several aesthetics, which offered viewers various meanings throughout the duration of the film. Although the diverse meanings grasped by viewers may differ, it was clear to me that McTiernan effectively applied elements of cinematography and mise-en-scene that resulted in viewers being allowed to interpret a range of different meanings or functions of the elements. Throughout Die Hard, many elements of cinematography were performed to reveal character, direct the audience’s attention, and shape their feelings. For example, at the beginning of the film when the plane is heading in for landing, the film commences at a close up of John 's stiff hand around his seat 's armrest for two specific reasons. The film does this in order to reveal that his character is married; hence the wedding band on his left finger, and to direct our attention to the possibility that he either dislikes flying or feels uneasy and nervous about what is to come once the plane has landed. In the same scene where John reaches for his luggage in the overhead bin, the camera zooms in and quickly shifts from the passenger 's face, to John 's gun, and then back to the passenger 's face while continuing to keep equal distance from the mise-en-scene included in those scene changes. The film performs this to, once again, direct our attention to the passenger 's face which expresses fear and concern, then to John 's right side that reveals his
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