Movie Analysis: Dying To Be Thin

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The movie “Dying To Be Thin” follows the lives of multiple different girls who are suffering through an eating disorder. The movie shows how extreme an eating disorder can be and how serious this addiction is. We were also able to see different types of treatments that can be used to help these girls. There are many different types of eating disorders and Dying To Be Thin shows the characteristics of each different disorder. Throughout high school, I had a few different friends that were diagnosed with an eating disorder, and I was also told by my doctor that he believed I was anorexic because I was very thin and exercised too much. I was involved in many different sports in high school and had a very high metabolism, but I did not consume enough calories in a day. This movie was eye opening because I got to see some of the same behaviors that I exhibited in high school. For example, the woman who would constantly exercise, but would still eat pretty normally, I felt like I related to her. She felt as though she did not have a problem, but after her doctor spoke to her she was able to seek help. A lot of people who have an eating disorder do not think that they have a problem or that what they are doing is wrong. I found all of the girl’s background stories were very different and interesting. It seems as though everyone can develop an eating disorder for very different reasons. Yes, genetics do play a large role in the development, but there are many different stressors

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